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United States Of America

Flight from 414 EUR Round trip*

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Flight from 452 EUR Round trip*


Flight from 477 EUR Round trip*





Los Angeles

Flight from 543 EUR Round trip*


Flight from 428 EUR Round trip*

New York

Flight from 414 EUR Round trip*

San Francisco

Flight from 528 EUR Round trip*




Flight from 418 EUR Round trip*

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USA: all aboard for the American Dream

The USA, the epic country of boundless adventure! From the plains of Vermont to San Francisco, explore the rich and diverse fabric of this country unlike any other.

A trip to the United States often begins with New York… Dream destination, the 'Big Apple' is an energizing multifaceted city, which never disappoints. The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building or the Metropolitan Museum of Art are all must-see points of interest, as well as the famous Central Park or Broadway, the legendary theatre district.

For those who prefer wide open spaces, a trip down route 66 remains a unique experience. Joining Chicago to Los Angeles, for bikers it is the most famous stretch of road in the world: it connects the great lakes to California, legendary landscapes will scroll before your eyes, grey plains, rocky mountains. Chicago, the starting point of route 66, has always been a city which fascinates travelers, with its modern art museums, restaurants, theaters and concert halls.

For something different, the southern United States offers a variety of diverse locations, where time seems to have stood still.
Beyond its beaches and skyscrapers, Miami boasts some eye-catching Art Deco architecture.
Take the time to discover New Orleans, the birthplace of Afro-American music, whose clubs still host the greatest blues and jazz artists.

Last stop before California, Las Vegas has much more to experience than just casinos! The gambling capital of the world boasts an amazing variety of entertainment options…from epic pharaonic shows to luxury restaurants, the city never sleeps!

Finally, during a trip along the west coast of the United States you will discover San Francisco and Los Angeles, two iconic symbols of the American dream with Hollywood and Silicon Valley, but also Portland and Seattle.